Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flemish Bonded One Brick Wall

English: a yellow bricks wall in a restaurant

After considering using fake log siding I ended up going in a different direction with my most recent DIY project. A wall constructed using flemish bonds is simply a variation on the stretcher method.

Pairs of parallel stretchers going length ways alternate with one brick going horizontal across the course - this gives you a slightly thicker wall of 215mm.

The joints within alternate courses are staggered by closers. Walls using the flemish technique are know as “one brick walls”. This type of bond gives you a thicker and much stronger sort of brick wall.

This method requires some where in the region of 110 bricks per 0.8 sq m. The foundations for a one brick wall up to 1.2m should be 0.5m deep. The foundations should comprise 25 cm of concrete and 25 cm of hardcore. If the wall is any higher then you will need to seek professional advice as to depth and composition.


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