Friday, August 5, 2016

Marketing Your Concrete Business

Concrete Business
There are numerous ways to improve upon your concrete business. The best piece of advice I have for a concrete business owner is to increase and improve upon their online marketing efforts. Whether that is promotion, website design, or internet tools to assist you in reaching your target market and gaining their trust. Finding Your 

Target Market

The first thing you will want to do is identify your target market. Based on the equipment you use and the amount of employees you have, you will need to decide what type of clients you will want to go after. If you have big equipment for example, you will likely be better off targeting large companies. But if you have smaller equipment, you will most likely want to go after homeowners.

Unique ConcreteOffer Unique Products

If your concrete business has few products to offer, consider adding some unique looking products to stand out from your competition. People like to have options when making a purchase decision, so expanding the products you sell will open up to a broader market and will make your company seem bigger than it appears.

Utilizing Technology

A great way to increase time efficiency and effectively communicate with your clients is through a concrete cost estimator software. This type of software allows you to easily update your list of materials, create faster estimates, and allow customers to review and sign off on projects.


To find customers, many contractor businesses will work with other contractors in a similar field to refer each other clients. For example, if you worked with a remodeler, you could ask them to send over their clients that are asking for concrete services, and vice versa. Another great promotional idea is to take before and after pictures of your client’s homes to display on your social media networks, and ask them to give a testimonial. Doing this is a great way to increase brand awareness and gain the trust of prospective clients. 

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